Margaret Lydia Von Seggern
1 min readJan 27, 2021

My Boy

My adult son Kevin who has a backpack full of special needs, took several continuing education art classes last fall at a local college as part of his “college experience”. His whole world revolved around the college classes, local folk art classes and Special Olympics sports.

Covid hit the adult special needs population very hard. Day programs shut down, Special Olympics shut down, self-direction programs at a standstill, community class and programs shut down.

Group home residents were cut off from family and coveted routines. Socialization and daily life for these adults like my son, who lives at home, revolves around detailed, organized, scheduled, supervised, stable familiar routines and social interactions every single moment of every single day. It is a fulltime job.

Most of us have the freedom to take our freedom for granted. Let me assure you that children and adults with special needs, who will never know the kind of freedom we enjoy, don’t take a single moment of any day for granted, ever.

Written by Margaret Von Seggern, 2021

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