Margaret Lydia Von Seggern
2 min readJan 27, 2021

Our Short Story

I became the mother of three perfect babies Memorial Day weekend of 2000. Not a Mom on Thursday, Mom of three on Friday. I bought my first desk size calendar that weekend, hung it on the kitchen wall and it became the biography of our lives.

Every single doctor, dentist, orthodontist and specialist appointment went on the calendar. My work, running, swimming, meetings and child care schedule went on the calendar. Every single birthday party, camping trip, summer camp, shopping list and play date went on the calendar.

Every single thing that needed to be done, bought, fixed and remembered went on the calendar. My motto was to get it out of your head and onto paper. I wrote down, in list form, on the edges and blank spaces, dreams, future plans and grand “to do” lists. My lists had sub lists and my sub lists had sub sub lists.

Every driver’s permit, driver’s test, vacation and mom date went on the calendar. Every single little league practice and game, dance class, football game, tennis match, baseball and basketball game, track meet, horseback riding lesson, cheerleading practice, boy scout and girl scout meeting, ice hockey game, wrestling match, snowboarding lessons, speech, occupational and physical therapy appointment, choir and band concert went on the calendar. Every prom, 100 days dinner, school dance or special event and trips to the beach went on the calendar.

If it wasn’t on the calendar it didn’t exist. Nothing was missed, nothing was forgotten, and nothing was overlooked. It represented, is and was, the collective cerebral dialog and diary of our home and life on paper.

The kids checked it every single day and writing their own daily plans became second nature.

I have 20 years of calendars and the 2021 calendar I started today carries my family into our 21st. year together. That first calendar I purchased at Walmart was the best five dollars I ever spent.

Someday, if they want, the kids will be able to study them and retrace, remember and reminisce about our journey together through this wonderful life. Happy New Year.

Written by Margaret Von Seggern, 2021

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