Margaret Lydia Von Seggern
1 min readJan 27, 2021


Our 16 year old dog passed away about 6 weeks ago. We got him when he was 8 weeks old. My former boyfriend’s brother and his girlfriend moved in together and decided to get a puppy. They had Tucker for 2 weeks before their landlord said “no way”. So we got the “can you take him” phone call and of course we said yes.

Kids with special needs absorb pets into their soul. They are natural “animal whisperers”. Like animals, their emotional and spiritual channels are wide open. Kevin and Tucker spoke the same language. His passing was expected but still very hard for Kevin to come to terms with.

Today Kevin told me, very quietly and intensely that he was ready to make the memory stone for Tucker’s grave. Kevin sat in the sun overlooking the lake and fully immersed himself in the process.

As I walked over to check on him, a couple hours later, I could feel the aura and energy of the sacred space and experience I was welcomed into. I knew, in those precious moments that heaven and earth and two connected souls were intertwined and pure love enveloped us all. The stone reads, “My little sunshine”.

Written by Margaret Von Seggern, 2021

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