Margaret Lydia Von Seggern
2 min readJan 25, 2021


Can you see the road in your mind of where you should be going? Can you feel in your heart how the journey begins and where it could lead you? Can you see with your eyes the vision of what it will all look like when you arrive into your truest most authentic and best version of yourself?

Are you terrified because the negative messages you have heard from birth about yourself from the humans in your life have led to the self-construction of your own glass ceiling? Did those messages become the voice in your head? Was your sense of self-worth, self-esteem, and self-purpose eroding away even before you understood what it meant to have your dreams, creativity, and voice validated? Did you begin self-sabotaging your life because you were afraid of being judged or told you were nobody special? Are you hiding from yourself, standing in the dark heavy curtains off to the side of your own spotlight on center stage?

Hiding with a false sense of safety in the dark is easy. But you were born to shine. No one will give you permission or hand you the hammer to shatter that false sense of safely by hiding in that glass box. Those negative messages you absorbed from the humans in your life were a lie.

You are a butterfly meant to fly and you can’t take off into flight because you have self-imposed shackles around your ankles. You think those shackles keep you safe from the possibility of failure. But you were born to fly. God gave you the wings.

What they said to cause you to feel bad about yourself was a reflection of their own fear and insecurities, it had nothing to do with you! You were just an easy target to dump their own childhood baggage on.

Give yourself permission and shatter that glass box into a million pieces. Your own courage is the hammer and self-love is the key to unlock the shackles. Convert the fear into fuel. Spread those beautiful wings and fly. Step into the spotlight of your own life.☺❤

Written by Margaret Von Seggern, 2021

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Margaret Lydia Von Seggern

Just a country girl on a daily journey to become the best version of myself.